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Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory

Multimodal Imaging of the Human Brain


The Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory studies a wide range of questions in cognitive neuroscience using the full range of neuroimaging tools. Our research is conducted on normal young adults, older adults, and clinical populations.

A central focus of the research conducted in our lab is the integration of different neuroimaging methods including fast optical, optical spectroscopy, magnetic resonance and evoked potentials. By combining different methods, we get a more complete picture of the physiological events that occur in the brain during information processing.

Currently, our lab is seeking to better understand cognitive aging and developing the tools and methods that allow us to study the human brain. We also collaborate with scientists here at the Beckman Institute and all over the world in studies ranging from human attention to the neurobiology of birdsong. Our goal is to apply the integration of neuroimaging methods to better understand all aspects of cognition.

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