Our Contributions to research

We believe that one of the most important aspects of conducting research is giving back to the communities that inspire us. Publishing our work and findings is an integral part of our process and facilitates collaboration and success to a higher degree. We live to make our significant contributions to cognitive neuroscience and frequently publish articles and papers written by our faculty and fellows documenting the findings of our various research studies. Some of the research we've recently published include studies on working memory and attention control as the human brain ages, and research looking into other imaging techniques for studying human brain functions.

We've been doing some amazing things and we'd love to have you check them out. Below are links to our publications:

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If you’re excited about research and innovation such as using imaging technology to manipulate brain activity, you belong with our group. We know talented researchers like yourself have options, but this is the place you need to be if you’re interested in cognitive neuroimaging.

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